Exploring Romblon, Philippines

Have you been to Romblon? If you answer ‘yes’ maybe you can relate to me but if not, then allow me to share with you my amazing experiences with the place. Romblon, is an island province of the Philippines located in the MIMAROPA region.  Its capital is also named Romblon. 

Hopefully, I can convince you to travel and allow yourself exploring Romblon the best way you can. I’ll be describing the place in my own words based from what I have seen and felt.

Man in Looc

After the 2 – hours of boat travel from Caticlan, Aklan, I have reached Looc, the first municipality I’ve touched in the entire province. It was 10 AM when I arrived. So, I was really excited to unveil what’s lie ahead in that simple and peaceful town. Hungry on the other hand, I satisfied myself at the Maxvirs Restaurant located at the center town.

Fresh  and crabs
Fresh crabs helped restoring my energy. Yummy!

After that one day exploration of  Looc, I realized that  town whose economy strives for growth. It still seeks for modernization. A place who offers less opportunities. Nothing unusual,  I was disappointed a little bit. But the dull moment was saved by a guy whom I met. He was cute and has that typical ‘probinsyano’ looks. Just to shortcut things, we did the deed.

Fortunately, until today we have  the communication. We are constant text mates in  fact.  Maybe if I’ll travel back, then we could meet and have more fun with this man in Looc. Looking forward.

A quick glance of San Fernando

After the less exciting moment in Looc, I immediately moved to San Fernando, Romblon. In my travel, I have passed by  the municipalities  Odiongan and Calatarva.

We're soaring high. LOL. The highway road of Romblon is more on mountainous.
We’re hiking high. LOL. The highway road of Romblon is more  mountainous.
During our travel, we came in to this view. And this amazed me  so much- the light house and the shore.
We came into this view. And this amazed me so much, the light house, the  shore and the blue sky.
The view of the mini-boulevard in Magdiwang where it is a place for lovers and group to enjoy the sunset and relax as the sea breeze touches the skin.
The view of the mini-boulevard in San Fernando,  a place for all locals to enjoy the sunset and relax as the sea breeze touches their skin.

The night life of San Fernando is somewhat less exciting.  They have these small videoke houses which cater drinks and songs near at the port. I hate the chastity of the daily evening life there but since I had no choice I  stayed and spent the night singing out loud. The good thing is, the neighborhoods did not complain.

Magdiwang Port.
San Fernando Port- Cannot help to have my first Montenegro ride.

The next morning, I packed my things and then  catch my ship trip. At the sea,I have   savored the relaxing mood. The calm and blue ocean depicts the peaceful place. The  wind gave me  that freshness I cant have in the big city. At the back of my mind, I wish I could stay like that forever. And what added the excitement was the view  of  migrating flock of  dolphins.

the travel
The ship’s tail creating a water trail.

Stop-Over at Romblon, Romblon

It’s not really redundant.  To  clarify things, the name of the municipality is Romblon and the name of the province is also Romblon. The two Romblon’s are very different.

the view of Romblon, romblon
The classy port of the municipality of Romblon. the Montenegro Lines just landed at the port and decided for a quick stop-over (maybe waiting for more passengers). So we had that time to discover and wander Romblon, Romblon. And see what we got- amazing marbles!
the stucture
The welcome sign of Romblon made from pure marbles. The structure of the man show their rich  marble industry.

Creativity without limits- that’s  how I described the amazing creations of Romblonanons. If you are really looking for base plates, tiles, bricks in different sizes and colors out from the blocks of marble. As well, small pendants with dolphins, manta rays, hearts, crosses  and mortar, ashtrays and vases in various shapes and many more. Visit Romblon and customize your choice according to your design.

marble 102
These are the sample of products and designs made by the local artists.
marble 101
Have marble balls.
marble 103
These mini-headstones are just for fun. Dont take this seriously. You can buy this as a gift.

Finally, Magdiwang

After that quick stop-over in Romblon, the Montenegro ship started sailing to our final destination. It was noon time when we arrived in Magdiwang, Romblon.

I was welcomed by the quietude  of the place.  Compared from other municipalities, the people of Magdiwang are funnier and nicer. It’s like I am connected with the place. Such a weird feeling.

magdiwang port
The Magdiwang port that  entice me more.

In my effort of walking, I have came to the town’s Catholic church. The people of Magdiwang perhaps are devoted Christians.

Magdiwang church
The Magdiwang Church, the symbol of the people’s strong catholic faith.

Along with my travel, I have seen this house. I stopped. I couldn’t help the urge to check it out. Why? Because it looks like our house in Samar.  The plants that surround and of course the cellar are the same features. I reminisced my childhood days when I was  playing ‘bahay-bahayan’ in that  cellar. So cute and funny. LOL.

magdiwang house
This house amazed me. It shows the simplicity yet strong and healthy foundation of a home.

Of course, I am  not going to miss the experience with the famous Lambingan Falls.  The falls is  a beautiful series of cascades in the foothills of Mt. Guiting-Guiting. The crystal clear water is a perfect venue for swimming. And the rock formations intensify the breathtaking view.


This water collector is designed for tourist and locals who want to shower. The water is cold and can be used also for drinking.

This water collector was made for showering.
fall 2
That water running down is a mystery- where does it come from?

Love to swim and picnic? Then,  visit Lambingan Falls and be amazed.

clear water
The crystal clear water in Lambingan Falls. That’s not me FYI.

Lastly, I have that grilling moment. See that  fish, Oh I am dying having it because  I am too tired from swimming. Anyway, Lambingan is also a perfect place for family and friends outing.  For sure you will enjoy the moment just like I did.


Well, that ended my Romblon exploration. Knowing the best and entertaining experiences, I am sure I’ll be back soon or later. Bye bye Romblon. ###


4 thoughts on “Exploring Romblon, Philippines”

  1. Hi Ms Waray Blogger! I’ve been there many times in Romblon ;p (kasi taga Romblon ako) hehehe! I guess I should encourage you to join me when I get my CDO;) para matour kita sa iba pang place na hindi pa nakikita ng iba. But your blog is as nice as a YOU. Keep it up!!! 🙂 ohhha!!

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