A Raging Client


I am writing  because I  want to express my disgust and agony to a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)- Red Cross, Philippines, who is very unfair and biased.

This is  based from my experience where it all happened when my sister was brought to a hospital due to eclampsia (A condition in which one or more convulsions occur in a pregnant woman suffering from high blood pressure). She was seven months old pregnant then. Her  unhealthy pregnancy caused the  sudden delivery through caesarean.

After the caesarean surgery she needed two bags of A+ type blood. Unfortunately, my blood type did not match and basically I am not the ideal donor. And the saddest thing is, we are not from Metro Manila so it made difficult for us to get blood from other family members or relatives who can possibly donate.

The President Diosdado Macapagal Memorial Medical Center (PDMMMC) in Caloocan City  had no available blood at that time but has requested already a supply of blood from this NGO. We waited for a whole day from them but there was still no response. As the only relative present aside from my sister’s live-in partner, I made a lot of follow-ups about the status of our request to the said NGO but the hospital staff kept telling us to wait.

It was only in the next morning when we were told by the hospital staff that there was no A+ blood available at the NGO. Hearing the bad news, I almost cried and asked for options. The hospital coordinated with other blood banks and hospitals requesting the said blood, this according to them. But at the end of the day, there was still no positive response from them and I was starting to lose hope.

Feeling depressed, I posted in my FB and Twitter accounts about my sister’s situation. Luckily, few replied and expressed their willingness to be the blood donors but unfortunately none of them is an A+ blood type. I just realized this  A+ blood type is like a gem.

Time’s running, and my sister was lying in the hospital bed still no blood-transfused. Out of depression, I took a copy Blood Request Form from the hospital and went to different blood banks in Quezon City, different branches of this NGO and even public and private hospitals. Sadly, most of these hospitals are dependent to this NGO. I did not stop, I kept on trying. So, I went to its main office in Manila City and begged for 2 bags of blood. But I still got nothing, not even a single drop of blood until in the fourth day.

My co-worker who knew my problem told me she has a relative working in a Representative Office that could help. She immediately contacted her relative and told my story. The said relative contacted the Chief of Staff of the Representative. The chief of staff called someone in the NGO who holds higher position.

The next morning, we received a call from the staff of Representative’s Office telling us that we could buy now two bags of A+ blood at the NGO’s main office. Imagine that, I was there the whole time looking for blood yet they kept on denying. I don’t understand why they have to hide it when my sister’s case is an absolute emergency. For the record, we are not requesting blood for free, we are buying it.

After a five-day and long search of blood, my sister was successfully transfused.

Now, every time I saw volunteers of that said agency asking donations from commuters inside LRT and MRT, I can’t help to be disgusted and irritated. Literally, just a glimpse of that agency’s logo can ruin my day. By the way, I used to give them coins but now I  won’t.

I know that this NGO can save more lives through giving blood to those who are in need. But the reality, still it’s all about politics and connections. If you are weak, you may lose, but if you have the power you can enjoy and continue your existence. And to let you know, my sister died. She didn’t make it.  ###


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