Reaching Magsaysay, OcciMin

Magsaysay, one of the eleven  municipalities in the Province of Occidental Mindoro. It  lies on the southernmost part of Mindoro Island. It is characterized by vast plains, valleys and  rugged terrain with plain areas.

This rice field shows the abundant agriculture business  in the entire municipality.
While travelling, I saw this farmer. I  appreciate his perseverance about his daily works.

Where to stay?

The Hill Side Farm  Resort offers the best accommodation in town. Aside from amazing and tasteful  “lutong-bahay”  food, the resort has  its best Videoke you can imagine.

The welcome sign of the resort is indeed enticing.
The swimming pool is just of of the amenities of the resort.

The people

Magsaysaynons are very welcoming and hospitable people. Just a simple observation, the whole community maybe has low crime reported. The place is an ideal if you are looking for physical and inner peace.

A peaceful nap. This kid sleeps serenely while his parents is away.

Best Food

Magsasay is absolutely not the  least town when it comes to food. Below are few delicacies best offered.

This delicious crabs known in town as ‘talangka’ will satisfy your food desire.
Fried fish for lunch.

Though I have stayed in Magsaysay, Occidental  Mindoro only  for two days but the experience was great. Knowing the potential and beauty of this small town. For sure I will be back to explore and enjoy more. ###


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