Marinduque: Heart of the Philippines

Who can forget the best memories I have in  Marinduque, Philippines? Of course not me. So let me share some amazing facts of Marinduque Province where I think few people only knew. By the way, Marinduque is labeled as the Heart of the Philippine archipelago.  Just I learned from them.

Moreover, the province is composed of  six beautiful municipalities, Mogpog, Buenavista, Torrijos, Sta. Cruz, Gasan and Boac as the center of commercialization and industry.

The image of Virgin Mary in Binacalan Port in Mogpog shows the rich Catholic faith of town.

The Traditional Putong

It’s only in Marinduque where you can experience the very famous “Putong” (crowning). It is a traditional and unique  way of welcoming   visitors. The Marinduqueno (locals) will sing  their native song while dancing. The dancers  brought with them  bouquet of flowers and native crowns. When the  music stopped, they will offer  the flowers and then, you will be crowned. The whole Putong ceremony  seems to be crowing a royalty. By the way, I felt that time like a Queen.

The Putong Crown
People of Marinduque show enthusiasm during the Putong rites.

Where to eat?

This simple food corner in Boac, Marinduque offers the traditional “ihaw-ihaw”. You must check it out when you get there.
One of the prides in Marinduque, the Kusina is located at the second floor of the old house in town which is considered as one of the historical houses in the country. Kusina Plaza offers fine dining as well.

What to expect?

The best time to visit Marinduque is during the Holy Week, where the whole community celebrates the Moriones , an annual festival. The “Moriones” are men and women in costumes and masks replicating the garb of biblical Roman soldiers as interpreted by local folks.

BTW, people in Marinduque are early sleepers.  You can expect the roads in tranquil even at early night. ####


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