When she said I do

It was the best moment in her life. Yes, because before the 2013 ended,  she finally gave her vow.  And embraced a life with deeper engagement and complication, in a world of matrimony.

Well,   it’s everyone dream, I  think all  women  would imagine their wedding day. How beautiful and  amazing the may look like and  how happy they are. And my friend Geraldine, is very fortunate  that last December 30, 2013 her dream day has arrived.

Happy bride- Joy and fulfillment radiates in her face.
Her most dramatic entrance recorded ever. LOL

Her Wedding March

As I am looking my friend in that aisle, such perfect image of a bride, I asked my self: “When  will I walk in that aisle too?” Maybe never like never it will happen forever.

Before she walks, these little angels scattered petals on the way.
This is it, her final walk as she bids goodbye to her solitary.

The Groom and Bride

In front of the people and GOD, Rey and Geraldine promised to love each other  in health and sickness. And only death can depart them. The Catholic church in Maydolong Eastern Samar witnessed their love as they tied themselves as one.

As catholic patrons, the couple in front of the altar, faced the house of GOD  and exchanged their promises.


Now, the newly couple faced the crowd with strong determination that their love will be a concrete weapon to battle against marital trials.
So sweet- their first public kissing scene.

A celebration

Of course their families and friends won’t miss the moment to celebrate this joyful wedding.




My Best Wishes

Their wedding day is full of hope and good luck. As a friend, to you Rey and Geraldine: May the joy of your wedding light the path to a glorious future.” ###


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