A Desired Guy

It is not enough  that  a guy is only good-looking. But of course being such is another factor to be liked easily. Yes, cause we don’t fall at instant through his  good and  awesome  personality but on how hot and daring he looks. Right? And I have listed the qualifications (shall I say) for a future and compatible lover. Come on- read more!

I love it when he wears white t-shirt:  When I see a man out in the world going about his day wearing a perfect  fitting, plain white T-shirt.  I offer a quick nod of support. After all, here is a man who doesn’t need to wear anything more eye-catching up top than the simplest garment there is. This man is his own man.

Man wears white shirt

Smells good:  I don’t particularly appreciate the scent of stale sweat.  And I totally like men who  smell mostly like body-wash. I thinks it’s good and sexy. I am attracted.

With Tattoo: Yes, Maybe or Not. Ultimately it depends on the guy and the tattoos. And if it is both nice to look at then yes. It’s a huge turn on. He may be a lot hotter.

spidey tattoo
DISLIKE. This is Scary
Candy Tattoo
This is COOL! And he looks HOT!
Photo: http://www.theberry.com

Less Intelligent: Many smart guys refuse to accept that a good, solid and workable answer could come from someone “dumber” than them, so they discount idea  before trying it. And I hate them for that. I don’t need a  Einstein-brained guy. I just want  someone who can make me laugh until my ribs hurt. Humor is the keyword.


Hairy legs and thighs: I find it more attractive rather than weird. It intensifies his masculinity looks . Besides it brings another sensation.

Hairy thigh and legs
Just a sample 🙂
Photo: homomusings.tumblr.com

An artist: If I see a guy playing guitar + he is  singing, there’ll be more brownie points . But I won’t fall for him right then and there.

He is the one

I  have just described the perfect guy. Now the questions are: “Will be the feeling reciprocal?” “Will he be attracted to me either?” Sound the whole search thing is not easy. HUHUH! But I know, he is just out there- undiscovered. Waiting for the perfect timing. And once he’ll read this post.  He will know right away.###


4 thoughts on “A Desired Guy”

  1. I searched and searched for the perfect guy. Finally, when I quit searching, the perfect guy showed up. However, he wasn’t perfect. In fact, not until after reading a book by Louise Hay, “You Can Heal Your Life,” did I realize that no one is perfect. If you find the perfect physical specimen, he’s probably a career criminal or an abuser, or, or, or………….. If you find someone who is 75% of what you think it is perfect, THAT is perfect!

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