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Hanunóo: Learning the Basic

The Philippines aims to eliminate illiteracy in the country. As an intervention, the Alternative Learning System ( ALS) was then created.

ALS is spearheaded by the Department of Education. It is a free education program  which benefits those who cannot afford formal schooling and follows whatever is their available schedule. The program provides a viable alternative to the existing formal education instruction, encompassing both the non-formal and informal sources of knowledge and skills.

Educating Hanunóos

In partnership with the Department of Education, the Armed Forces Philippine has continued educating the Hanunóo. Hanunóo is  a Mangyan  sub-tribe living in the mountains of Oriental  Mindoro, Philippines particularly in the municipality of Mansalay.

Native smiles from Hanonoo women.
Member of Philippine Army faces a new battle field, not armed with guns and canons but with stick and books. His new task now is not to protect the country ‘s sovereignty but impart knowledge to native Filipinos.
A helpful text book for starters.

Empowering Hanunóos 

Towards social development, the program aims to improve the quality of lives to the native sectors as it adhere to the government’s end goal of eliminating illiteracy and eventually will result poverty reduction.




Aside from education alone, livelihood programs for Hanonoos was created where   women  manufacture baskets and weave cotton into clothing and blankets. 

Hanunóos sample products ready to be traded off.

Achieving the Goal

The road to societal change  seems to be long, rough and maybe impassable.




However, success is made of sweat and determination. ###

A Desired Guy

It is not enough  that  a guy is only good-looking. But of course being such is another factor to be liked easily. Yes, cause we don’t fall at instant through his  good and  awesome  personality but on how hot and daring he looks. Right? And I have listed the qualifications (shall I say) for a future and compatible lover. Come on- read more!

I love it when he wears white t-shirt:  When I see a man out in the world going about his day wearing a perfect  fitting, plain white T-shirt.  I offer a quick nod of support. After all, here is a man who doesn’t need to wear anything more eye-catching up top than the simplest garment there is. This man is his own man.

Man wears white shirt

Smells good:  I don’t particularly appreciate the scent of stale sweat.  And I totally like men who  smell mostly like body-wash. I thinks it’s good and sexy. I am attracted.

With Tattoo: Yes, Maybe or Not. Ultimately it depends on the guy and the tattoos. And if it is both nice to look at then yes. It’s a huge turn on. He may be a lot hotter.

spidey tattoo
DISLIKE. This is Scary
Candy Tattoo
This is COOL! And he looks HOT!

Less Intelligent: Many smart guys refuse to accept that a good, solid and workable answer could come from someone “dumber” than them, so they discount idea  before trying it. And I hate them for that. I don’t need a  Einstein-brained guy. I just want  someone who can make me laugh until my ribs hurt. Humor is the keyword.


Hairy legs and thighs: I find it more attractive rather than weird. It intensifies his masculinity looks . Besides it brings another sensation.

Hairy thigh and legs
Just a sample 🙂

An artist: If I see a guy playing guitar + he is  singing, there’ll be more brownie points . But I won’t fall for him right then and there.

He is the one

I  have just described the perfect guy. Now the questions are: “Will be the feeling reciprocal?” “Will he be attracted to me either?” Sound the whole search thing is not easy. HUHUH! But I know, he is just out there- undiscovered. Waiting for the perfect timing. And once he’ll read this post.  He will know right away.###

When she said I do

It was the best moment in her life. Yes, because before the 2013 ended,  she finally gave her vow.  And embraced a life with deeper engagement and complication, in a world of matrimony.

Well,   it’s everyone dream, I  think all  women  would imagine their wedding day. How beautiful and  amazing the may look like and  how happy they are. And my friend Geraldine, is very fortunate  that last December 30, 2013 her dream day has arrived.

Happy bride- Joy and fulfillment radiates in her face.
Her most dramatic entrance recorded ever. LOL

Her Wedding March

As I am looking my friend in that aisle, such perfect image of a bride, I asked my self: “When  will I walk in that aisle too?” Maybe never like never it will happen forever.

Before she walks, these little angels scattered petals on the way.
This is it, her final walk as she bids goodbye to her solitary.

The Groom and Bride

In front of the people and GOD, Rey and Geraldine promised to love each other  in health and sickness. And only death can depart them. The Catholic church in Maydolong Eastern Samar witnessed their love as they tied themselves as one.

As catholic patrons, the couple in front of the altar, faced the house of GOD  and exchanged their promises.


Now, the newly couple faced the crowd with strong determination that their love will be a concrete weapon to battle against marital trials.
So sweet- their first public kissing scene.

A celebration

Of course their families and friends won’t miss the moment to celebrate this joyful wedding.




My Best Wishes

Their wedding day is full of hope and good luck. As a friend, to you Rey and Geraldine: May the joy of your wedding light the path to a glorious future.” ###

Yolanda’s Wrath in Guiuan

Before Yolanda hit Philippines , I have posted this in my Facebook account: “Sure ako lilikayan hit bagyo it Guiuan kay an driver hit bagyo- Guiuananon!” ( I am pretty sure Guiuan (Gee-won) will be spared from this upcoming typhoon knowing that its driver is a fellow Guiuananon).

This statement has just came into my mind not realizing how strong and dreadful Yolanda can be. I am confident that we can survive this because we are all used to typhoons- YES we have survived many typhoons! Guiuan, as an island facing the Pacific ocean, is a common path of typhoons. Thus, heavy rains, storm, surge, strong winds are just common scenarios. But not until Yolanda came.

Last November 8, 2013, Friday, the  Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan)  first made her landfall in Guiuan – my hometown. Leaving the place in total ruins, great number of dead and injured. Reports said that 100 percent of structures in the town were all damaged and many families were displaced. The world record-breaking super typhoon isolated Guiuan Eastern Samar and other towns in Samar and Leyte provinces for days where communications were all down.

Hearing such horror, I burst out in  tears knowing my parents, titas and other relatives are there who might be killed and currently suffering from typhoon’s wrath. What added my agony is, I have 3 sisters and nephew and niece in Tacloban who was also severely damaged. Honestly, I prayed hard asking God for their safety. At the moment, I am totally disturbed and unfocused. I cant perform the works I am supposed to do. Thanks to my friends, colleagues who were there comforting and showing sympathy.

Days have passed yet  still no communication but news reports have been showing footage of casualties and destruction in the affected towns highlighting the tragic situation in Tacloban City. I felt terrified and started feeling hopeless. I was planning to go home and personally visit Guiuan but it seems that the whole urge decision was impractical considering the risk and there are still main roads not passable.  I stayed beside I cant just leave and dump my work. It will be much unfair to my company.

And it was only after 5 days, when I received a call from my sister informing me that the rest of my family members are safe in Tacloban. Praise GOD! The next day, I was informed that my parents are safe too but our house was not spared- just like the rest only the skeleton has survived.

Aerial shots of Guiuan, Eastern Samar after typhoon ‘Yolanda’. Photo by AFP Central Command

The Bullshit Political Bickering

The most painful thing that could happen when calamity stroke is not just loosing someone we love and the assets and other investments destroyed. But the person who wished we are perished. I could not control my disgust to a “Bitch Politician&Epal (BPE)” who described the Province of Eastern Samar as GONE. I do not know what is his real intention of broadcasting this to the national news but for  sure, it for his own interest. God, if you can’t at least show sympathy please don’t use this disaster to uplift your image and to corrupt donations! We will rise with or with out your help. For the record, my father chose supporting him last May 2013 Election- an Ugly Truth 😦

17th Century Guiuan Church Ruined

If you are Guiuananon (locals of Guiuan)  you should be  proud that the Immaculate Concepcion Church  stood and firm since it was  built it in 17oo’s by the Franciscan. The Baroque style church shows the rich catholic faith history of the town. But today, the old building and image preserved for hundred of years was now gone. Yolanda took one of our prides and national treasure. I am regretful indeed but the typhoon only stole the physical tribute of my catholic life NOT  my entire faith.

Guiuan Church Before (Photo source:
church ruined
Guiuan Church Today (Photo source:

Spirit of Guiuananon

The love for Guiuan is immeasurable. Yolanda might took what we have but not the courage and hope. We will rise. We will re-build the beauty of Guiuan- Bungto ta, Higugma-a ta! ###

A Raging Client


I am writing  because I  want to express my disgust and agony to a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)- Red Cross, Philippines, who is very unfair and biased.

This is  based from my experience where it all happened when my sister was brought to a hospital due to eclampsia (A condition in which one or more convulsions occur in a pregnant woman suffering from high blood pressure). She was seven months old pregnant then. Her  unhealthy pregnancy caused the  sudden delivery through caesarean.

After the caesarean surgery she needed two bags of A+ type blood. Unfortunately, my blood type did not match and basically I am not the ideal donor. And the saddest thing is, we are not from Metro Manila so it made difficult for us to get blood from other family members or relatives who can possibly donate.

The President Diosdado Macapagal Memorial Medical Center (PDMMMC) in Caloocan City  had no available blood at that time but has requested already a supply of blood from this NGO. We waited for a whole day from them but there was still no response. As the only relative present aside from my sister’s live-in partner, I made a lot of follow-ups about the status of our request to the said NGO but the hospital staff kept telling us to wait.

It was only in the next morning when we were told by the hospital staff that there was no A+ blood available at the NGO. Hearing the bad news, I almost cried and asked for options. The hospital coordinated with other blood banks and hospitals requesting the said blood, this according to them. But at the end of the day, there was still no positive response from them and I was starting to lose hope.

Feeling depressed, I posted in my FB and Twitter accounts about my sister’s situation. Luckily, few replied and expressed their willingness to be the blood donors but unfortunately none of them is an A+ blood type. I just realized this  A+ blood type is like a gem.

Time’s running, and my sister was lying in the hospital bed still no blood-transfused. Out of depression, I took a copy Blood Request Form from the hospital and went to different blood banks in Quezon City, different branches of this NGO and even public and private hospitals. Sadly, most of these hospitals are dependent to this NGO. I did not stop, I kept on trying. So, I went to its main office in Manila City and begged for 2 bags of blood. But I still got nothing, not even a single drop of blood until in the fourth day.

My co-worker who knew my problem told me she has a relative working in a Representative Office that could help. She immediately contacted her relative and told my story. The said relative contacted the Chief of Staff of the Representative. The chief of staff called someone in the NGO who holds higher position.

The next morning, we received a call from the staff of Representative’s Office telling us that we could buy now two bags of A+ blood at the NGO’s main office. Imagine that, I was there the whole time looking for blood yet they kept on denying. I don’t understand why they have to hide it when my sister’s case is an absolute emergency. For the record, we are not requesting blood for free, we are buying it.

After a five-day and long search of blood, my sister was successfully transfused.

Now, every time I saw volunteers of that said agency asking donations from commuters inside LRT and MRT, I can’t help to be disgusted and irritated. Literally, just a glimpse of that agency’s logo can ruin my day. By the way, I used to give them coins but now I  won’t.

I know that this NGO can save more lives through giving blood to those who are in need. But the reality, still it’s all about politics and connections. If you are weak, you may lose, but if you have the power you can enjoy and continue your existence. And to let you know, my sister died. She didn’t make it.  ###