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Hanunóo: Learning the Basic

The Philippines aims to eliminate illiteracy in the country. As an intervention, the Alternative Learning System ( ALS) was then created.

ALS is spearheaded by the Department of Education. It is a free education program that benefits those who cannot afford formal schooling and follows whatever is their available schedule. The program provides a viable alternative to the existing formal education instruction, encompassing both the non-formal and informal sources of knowledge and skills.

Educating Hanunóos

In partnership with the Department of Education, the Armed Forces Philippine has continued educating the Hanunóo. Hanunóo is  a Mangyan  sub-tribe living in the mountains of Oriental  Mindoro, Philippines particularly in the municipality of Mansalay.

Native smiles from Hanonoo women.
Member of the Philippine Army faces a new battlefield, not armed with guns and cannons but with sticks and books. His new task now is not to protect the country sovereignty but impart knowledge to native Filipinos.
A helpful text book for starters.

Empowering Hanunóos 

Towards social development, the program aims to improve the quality of lives to the native sectors as it adheres to the government’s end goal of eliminating illiteracy and eventually will result in poverty reduction.




Aside from education alone, livelihood programs for Hanonoos were created where women manufacture baskets and weave cotton into clothing and blankets. 

Hanunóos sample products ready to be traded off.

Achieving the Goal

The road to societal change seems too long, rough, and maybe impassable.




However, success is made of sweat and determination. ###